Pet Stain & Odor removal

carpet pet stain removal

KG Cleaning service can help remove pet stains and odors, so that your carpets look great and smell fresh again.

We have a unique process for getting rid of pet urine, feces, vomit and odors, that is effective and also pet and eco friendly.

It Starts with Finding the Source

It's important to find and eliminate the source or the treatment will only temporarily mask the odor. We are experts at finding and examining carpet for these problems. If the surroudings allow, we can use a black light to help detect and show you where the pet stains that may not be visible in ordinary light.

carpet pet stain removal

Treating and Elimating

After we have found the source we then treat it with a spotting treatment that actually encapsulates the urine and crystalizes it into its own form and separates from the carpet fibers. We allow it to saturate and dwell and then use our cleaning process to pull the stain out of the carpet, not push it through the carpet which is what often occurs with typical steam cleaning.

Pet Stains are acidic and the perfect breeding ground for bacteria in your carpet. By getting to the source of these spots, we eliminate the bacteria and future odors that can persist.

Let us take look

Contact us or give us a call today at 706-525-9102 to discuss your pet stain problems. We will provide the most effective treatment possible. We have a very high success rate at removing pet stains and odors, which is something we are very proud of. However, there are severe (and rare) cases where the pad may need replaced and/or subfloor needs to be treated. If we come across one of these cases, we let you know upfront if we can't help and offer guidance on the best way to proceed. As always, honesty, integrity and customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

We understand that pet stains are part of owning a pet, and we have seen it all from minor to severe cases, so please don't be embarrased when it comes to these problems. We are here to help!