Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning
  1. Initial inspection where we walk through your home with you and inspect the carpet paying close attention to problem areas and taking note of your biggest concerns and addressing them.
  2. A very thorough vacuuming with a HEPA certified vacuum system which removes 99.9% of all the particles out of your carpet including mold spores and allergens that other vacuums just re-circulate back into your home. The pre vacuuming is an important step for many reasons but one is that it removes all the surface dirt, hair, dust, etc. from the carpet which allows us to do a much more effective job for you.
  3. Spending the time on Prepping every job before we start makes a huge difference in the final result. We go through your home and pre spot any spots/stains that are there with special cleaning agents that are all green. Leaving no residue and stickiness. On top of that, it will actually keep cleaning your carpets even when we are finished with the job! Designed to dry fast and kid and pet friendly. We use the highest grade of products on the market that really get the job done right while still be safe for your home!
  4. Using our top of the line Pro CRB Machine which cleans your carpets/fibers from the bottom of the carpet to the surface and powerfully extracts everything from your carpets. We know that cleaning and removing all the soil from the bottom of the carpets will make your carpets last much longer so we never cut any corners on quality and believe you deserve the best!
  5. After the first initial cleaning, we actually do another deep cleaning on the surface of the carpet with our Truck Mount Hot Water Extraction System, making sure to remove anything that might be left. That way your carpets are completely clean and fresh
  6. Applying a high grade carpet protector (if requested before we start the work). applying our High grade carpet protector is going to really pro-long the life of your carpets. Think of it as waxing your car. It protects the paint so that next time you wash your car all the dirt just flushes right off. Well our carpet protection products will put a layer of protection on your carpet fibers not allowing spots to penetrate your carpet and traffic patterns. Also leaving no stiffness or residue.
  7. Grooming all the carpet allowing for even faster drying and visual appeal.
  8. A final inspection with you. We know you’ll be absolutely amazed at the brightness and cleanliness of your carpets but we like to do a final walk through just to ensure your complete satisfaction. We are so confident that you will be left a raving fan that we guarantee all of our work 100%.

Happy Halloween! It can be “Scary” what comes out of your Carpets....R.I.P. Dirty Carpets 👻🦇

Posted by KG Cleaning Service Inc on Tuesday, October 31, 2017