Carpet Repair & Restretching

carpet stretching

Wrinkles, Bulges, or Damaged Areas in Your Carpet?

KG Cleaning Service to the rescue! Whether it be wrinkles, loose carpeting, tears, or even burn marks, we our experts in repairing and restoring your carpet.


Over time carpet can develop wrinkles or bulges if it was not installed properly, dragging of heavy furniture, or just everyday wear and tear. When the carpet comes even slightly loose, wrinkles will form, which not only look bad, but can also become a tripping hazard. We have the tools and expertise to stretch carpets back to their crisp (and flat) look.

In most cases, we will clear the room of furniture and other obstructions, remove the tacks, lift the carpet up and properly stretch it back out and finally, trim any excess on the edges.


Burns, Stains, Tears or Frays may make your carpet feel ruined, but we can fix it!

This process involved cutting out the damaged area and then cutting a precise path and sealing the seam correctly to blend the patch into the carpet.

Contact us or give us a call today at 706-525-9102 to discuss your carpet repair needs and setup an estimate. As always, we strive for service beyond your expectations when it comes to these repairs and give you an honest assessment to ensure you will be 100% satisfied.