Ever go into a restaurant when it’s not very full, and there is an obvious bad smell? Have you invited someone to your office for that killer proposal or demonstration to land the big deal, and the hallway to the conference room has a bad stain right in the middle?

You have spot cleaned, you have hired cleaners, you have done all you can and the stains and/or the smells just come right back. You have invested thousands into a great looking, impressive office and a few stains ruin the whole atmosphere.

Your office, restaurant, or clubhouse is the lifeline of your business.

Everyone – your own employees, the prospects that come in to check you out, or those who have already become your customers – gain a permanent impression of you from the appearance and smell of your carpets and floors.

We specialize in superior carpet, hardwoods, and other floor cleaning.

General cleaners, and big name chains do not use the same treatment products, or the high-end equipment and full complement of accessories to thoroughly clean carpets so that they are clean from the bottom up. We make sure that all of the trapped dirt, stains, and odoriferous maleficients are removed completely. Our process is 100% green, using no harsh chemicals, so it is safe for everyone.

Most importantly, our superior cleaning will make your office smell and look fresh and clean much longer than every other cleaning method; so we protect your investment, we make you look good to all customers, prospects, and your employees feel valued as you are making their environment healthy and sharp.

We offer yearly contracts with equal monthly payments for your budgeting purposes. We are happy to include the frequency your high-traffic areas need, plus all of the various spot treatments, lower traffic needs, area rugs, hardwoods, upholstery, and more.

Contact or Call us at 706.525.1122 for an estimate or demonstration (up to 6’ x 8’ area)